“Sweet season” – exhibition opening

Photos from exhibition opening “Sweet season” which I prepared with Marta Dachowska. Opening of the exhibition was 18.30, 30.10.2014 in Galeria “Małgosia”, Odrzańska St. 39/40, Wrocław.

Marta presented her ceramic designs made in II Studio of Functional Ceramics Design run by prof. Mirosław Kociński and prof. Jan Drzewiecki with Karina Marusińska as assistant. Martas decals and my screen prints were prepared in VII Studio of Printmaking Expansion run by prof. Małgorzata Warlikowska and assistants Anna Kodź and Barnaba Mikułowski.

Thank You Everyone!

Exhibition last till 30.11.2014 and it is open from Mon-Fr between 9.00-16.00.

Beautiful photos were made thanks to Justyna i Agata Filar

Event on fb link

Information on ASP Wrocław website link

My prints link



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